Beaver Pelt

Year of Story: 2015
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Museum Artifacts

Beaver Pelt

Wa-Bush-I-Yan A-Mook ‘Rabbit-skin Needle’

This tool is made from Caribou bone and is used for making rabbit-skin

Wa-Sha-Ban-Moo-Ki-Man ‘ String Making Knife’

This tool is used for making ‘ba-bish’. String for weaving snowshoes.

Moo-Ka-Da-Gin ‘Crooked Knife’

This knife is made from the rib bone of a Caribou.  The Hudson’s

A-Mook ‘Weaving Needle’

This tool is made from a Caribou bone.  It is used for weaving

Bon-Ask ‘Skewer’

This tool is the most commonly used in cooking meat.  Also to cook

Historic Map


This was made from braided hide and stones.  It was used for harvesting

Bow and Arrow

Moose Call

This device originated in the are, it’s purpose was used for calling Moose

Em-I-Kon ‘Spoon’

Hand carved from the birch tree.

Animal Pelts